The end of the Cup is upon us!


And with that, my wife Phoena and I are organizing a party for all players (past and present) to join us at our home for food, drink, music, swimming, and lots of fun! 

There will be a wide variety of dishes but feel free to bring your own if you like (either for yourself or to share.) If anyone has allergies or specific dietary needs, please message Phoena and/or I promptly so we will know and make the proper accommodations. There will also be plenty of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). 

I will also have a volleyball and badminton net set up as well as some other activities. :)

Please message me with any suggestions and to let me know if you would like to join us (and please do! ;D). The festivities will commence tomorrow at 2 PM NST and end around 8 or 9 PM NST.


Anonymous asked:

internet rumor: every captain has a weird kink

teylornix answered:

Well fuck I guess I’ll have to go around and ask them about it




Actually I changed my mind I’ll just hold a survey right here right now: Do you captains have weird kinks? If so, what are they?

do former cap’ns also count or be i too old fer yer survey?

Former, current, doesn’t matter one bit.

ye see, like ev’ry good pirate…

i rather like th’ booty.


Anonymous asked:

if you're this hot now i can't wait to see you when you're 1000

dasher-soley answered:

thanks, anon, but i don’t think i’m gonna live to th’ 1000th birthday.


cooooooooooooome oooooonnnnnnnnn

chello, ye don’t look a day over 50, how do ye kno’ how it’ll be when yer 1000 years old?


Anonymous asked:

[sends pic of shirtless dasher]

chelobinay answered:

hey!  i said young men!

though this is alright too… teehee <3



ARRRRR! where did they get that picture?

this catalog’s as old as me balls!

dasher, trust me, your balls aren’t that old

if i were to be more bold an’ dashin (an’ a fuckin’ pervert with no regard for th’ lasses), i’d ask ye if ye wanted to check ‘em.

luckily for us both, i’m not that infantile.

instead, i’d ask ye to a dinner first, o’ course.